We are FAITH FILLED, big thinking risk takers. We won’t insult God with small thinking & safe living.

We will HONOUR JESUS with integrity to His word in our lives. If we live like this, nothing else matters. If we don’t live like this, nothing else matters.

We will LAUGH HARD, loud & often. JOY gives us STRENGTH & causes people to want to be around us.

We always bring OUR BEST. Excellence honours God & INSPIRES people.

We will WELCOME EVERYONE with kindness & respect and invite them to BELONG with us, before they behave or believe like us.

We will live INFECTIOUS LIVES for Jesus, demonstrating a VIBRANT spirituality, strengthened & empowered by the Holy Spirit.

We will LEAD the way with GENEROSITY. We truly believe it is more blessed to GIVE than to receive.

We are all about the LOCAL CHURCH! We believe it is the hope of the world & we know that we can accomplish infinitely more TOGETHER than apart.

We will INTENTIONALLY & ACTIVELY go to our neighbourhoods & the nations to REACH PEOPLE for Jesus.